We managed to restore the observation tower on the Devil´s Mountain (1020 meters high) during the summer season. The tower is on the same place as it used to be and it provides just as many beautiful views as it did in the past, it only has a new and attractive face made of wood now. The tower is equipped with an access ramp with a mild incline. Even elderly people or young children can enjoy the beautiful view due to the ramp.

You will go to the left from the summit station on a path paved with stones and after about 130 m you reach the platform with enough room for up to 6 people. You can see almost the entire town of Harrachov from above and the scenery of western Giant Mountains and Jizera Mountains is right before your eyes. You can even see neighboring Poland from here. A carved map for better orientation helps you to find your way in the terrain. You can enjoy the view from above the trees which grow under the tower.

You will find one of the eleven menhirs surrounding the top of the mountain right next to the tower. When you continue walking on the path leading to the slope in Ryzoviste, you will see the other menhirs as well. You can return to the cable car and get easily back to Harrachov after a short circuit where you will enjoy the view on the landscape of the Giant Mountains from the other side. It is interesting that the path has the shape of a living heart when seen from above.
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Another lookout from which you can enjoy the view from above to all cardinal directions is situated on Certova hora in the upper part of ski slope Red II. If it accessible for wheelchairs as well and when you are lucky and the weather is good, you will not only see the ridges of Giant Mountains, but also Jizera Mountains and Jested. After leaving the cable car, you will turn right, walk past the giant inflatable maze and the wooden platform standing on massive stakes will be right in front of you.
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Children´s playground - At the lower station of funicular Harrachov - Čertova hora (Devil´s Mountain).

Regular rides are always in half and full hour.

Harrachov - Devil´s Mountain Cableway operated 9:00-18:00

Summer operation of Harrachov - Devil´s Mountain Cableway for pedestrians