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Are you going to ski for the first time or do you only need to brush up on your skiing skills?
Would you like to learn to ride a snowboard or simply entrust your child on the slope to experienced instructors?
Choose from our ski schools. You will certainly find the right one for you, the variety is wide...

Obrázek: SPORT ČERMÁK Ski School


26. 01. 2019  •  Teaching to ski and snowboard using the modern method of the Austrian and Czech schools with a license of the Association of professional ski instructors APUL which also includes a video coaching. zobrazit více...
Obrázek: Ski school JPK

Ski school JPK

9. 12. 2015  •  Our main activity is ski teaching. We own international approved ski instructor´s e­ducation – membership in APUL – association of professional ski teachers – which is a member of ISIA. zobrazit více...
Obrázek: Skiservis PLOC

Skiservis PLOC

9. 12. 2015  •  Ski service PLOC is a member of Association of ski schools. Training can proceed individually (privatly) or in small groups – max 10-12 people Trainings are carried out by professional instructors who speak - English, German or Russian. zobrazit více...
Obrázek: SUN ski & board school

SUN ski & board school

9. 12. 2015  •  We are said to be the biggest network of ski and snowboard schools and rentals in the Czech Republic. However, knowing that we enjoy our work after so many years is much more important for us. zobrazit více...
Obrázek: Ski school B+B

Ski school B+B

9. 12. 2015  •  Ski school for the whole family. Teaching children from 4 years old through games. zobrazit více...
Obrázek: CLASSIC Ski School Harrachov

CLASSIC Ski School Harrachov

9. 12. 2015  •  The ski school CLASSIC provides comprehensive services in the sphere of skiing and snowboarding during your stay at Harrachov and its surroundings. zobrazit více...
Obrázek: GGR Vertical Sports

GGR Vertical Sports

9. 12. 2015  •  SKI & SNB SCHOOL. Lesson for children and also adults. zobrazit více...

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