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Ski-jumps are very important part in Harrachov

Skoky na lyžíchKlasický areál Harrachov, o.p.s operates and maintains five bigger ski-jumps in two areas. Area of middle ski-jumps is close to Skicentrum, you can find the ski-jumps with critical point 40 m /in ski terminology K40, 70 m (K70) and 90 m (K90) here. Last mentioned ski-jump is from the year 1997 covered by artificial material from producer SAJA Korpi from Finland for summer jumping. Complex of big ski-jumps was established during the years 1978-1983 with the critical point 120 m (K120). Mammoth ski-jump has critical point 185 m after reconstruction in the year 2000.
Technical and dimensional parameters of ski-jumps are mentioned in certificates for individual ski-jumps. For less devoted: the certificate for ski-jumps is the warrant with corfirmation of parameters for construction of ski-jumps. The certificate for smaller ski-jumps is made by Ski Association of Czech Republic. Competitions of national level také place in these smaller ski-jumps. The ski-jumps for international competitions must have the certificate from International ski fereration (FIS).

Ski-jump K40 - certificate 105-C5/SL
Ski-jump K70 - certificate 104-C4/SL
Ski-jump K90 - certificate 203-CZE 15 Ski-jump K120 - certificate 213/CZE 17
Ski-jump K185 - certificate FLY VI/CZE

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Official website of Klasický areál Harrachov: www.skiareal.com


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