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  • Main checkout operating time: 7.30 - 16.00
  • After the ticket offices close (4 pm), it is possible to return the chip cards in the card machine close to the main ticket office and other places indicated by the manager’s office.
  • There is the possibility to buy selected point cards and night skiing tickets at the ski lift Doplik.
  • It is possible to buy only 2 types of cards at the secondary checkout of the ski lift Doplik: a ticket for 7 rides for 100 CZK and night skiing ticket for 270 CZK.
  • Refundable deposit for the chip card is 50 CZK.
  • In the winter period the passengers can be transported only with ski or snowboard on their feet.
  • You can obtain discounts of 10–20 % with Harrachov Card depending on the type of card and ticket - point cards 20 %, maximum value is 600 points per day.

cenik 2020

 mg - magnetic card  /  chip - chip card




Main checkout:
  • Keep track of your current score on the card when passing the turnstile.
  • Points remaining on the ticket that are not sufficient for the next ride will be deduced from the ticket automatically at the turnstile. When no new card is presented, the points are deduced and the turnstile does not allow passage.
  • Chip card for the point card is provided with a time lock of 1 minute, during which it is impossible to use the card repeatedly!
  • A point ticket is valid for one season.
Cable cars:     8.00-16.00  
Ski lift Doplik:     8.00-16.00  

Night skiing:

high season

low season        



operation can be limited


Night skiing tickets:

at the ski lift Doplik

A break for technical maintenance of the slopes from 16:25 to 16:50 is scheduled. The maintenance is included in the ticket price.


Spring season

Starting from 30. 3. 2020, we change the prices of tickets every week by 5 % up to the minimum price of CZK 250. This only applies to day and afternoon tickets.

Discount of 10-25 % according to the type of card and ticket is available with the Harrachov Card.


Guest card - blue
- Season ticket on one day 10 %
- Single ticket 10 %
- Multi-day season tickets 15 %
- Point tickets 20 %

Paid Harrachov Card – gold
- Single ride 10 %
- Point cards 20 %, maximum value is 600 points per day

The marketing Harrachov Card – gold
- Point cards 20 %

The marketing Harrachov Card is available at the partners of Harrachov Card (levnelyze, Topnarty, E-ski).

The guest Harrachov Card is available for each visitor of Harrachov for free in accommodation that is a member of the Tourist Association in Harrachov.

The paid Harrachov Card can be purchased from selected retailers or online.

Family cards - 1+1, 1+2, 2+1, 2+2

 Family ticket includes 1 or 2 tickets for parents (or a parent) at full price and 1 or 2 tickets for children with 25 % off. Family tickets can only be purchased during the season within multi-day passes.

Reduction is granted only at the main ticket offices of the valley stations.

There are no discounts on discounted ski passes or family tickets (only one discount is allowed, discounts cannot be combined).

Discounted prices are rounded down to 5 CZK.





Children are 6 to 13 years old.  

Chip cards are issued for all types of tickets, except for single rides. Refundable advance payment for the chip card is 50 CZK.  

The chip card can be preferably returned in the machine at the main ticket office of LD Delta as well as at the ticket office of LD Delta of LD Alfa and after the end of checkout operation in ski schools, ski rentals and restaurants at the valley stations of the cable car.

The young are 14 to 17 years old.  
Children under 6 years of age accompanied by an adult ski for free.
Any other child under 6 years that occupies a separate seat in the transport equipment or a child which skis on its own must have a valid ticket.  


  • Customer contract and transport conditions and rules of conduct for skiers and snowboarders are published in full at the cash register and on www.skiareal.com and are also available at the operations manager. Failure to comply with the regulations may result in termination of the transport contract.
  • Tickets are valid for the indicated duration of their validity or until the end of the season. The end of the season is announced by the management of the company according to the natural conditions and depends on the termination of the operation of the transport facilities. The date of the end of season shown on the ticket is only indicative.


Harrachov - offer of leisure-time activities

Outdoor tracks open.

Children´s playground - At the lower station of funicular Harrachov - Čertova hora (Devil´s Mountain).

Regular rides are always in half and full hour.

Harrachov - Devil´s Mountain Cableway operated 9:00-17:00